In spite of its size and location, St Andrews draws students from every corner of the globe.

We were fascinated by the diverse array of stories unfolding all around us and set out to build a network of photographers, filmmakers, designers, musicians, and artists united in their passion for storytelling.

At first, we worked with student societies – but soon attracted the attention of local and national clients.


Three years later, we set our sights on London and established our very own production studio –Ampersand Media.

As the newcomer in an established field, we had no idea how much hunger we’d find for our fresh take on creative direction and content production.

We'd go on to work with 50+ brands in just over three years.


Success in the UK empowered us to explore new avenues to scale our ambitious vision for the future of work – a world of fluid organisations, dynamic freelancer collectives, and democratised creativity.

In 2020, we established Ampersand Strategy in Amsterdam with a focus on venture design and platform development.

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20 – 22 Wenlock Road / London, England,  N1 7GU / United Kingdom


Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 76 / Amsterdam, Noord Holland, 1052 VK / Netherlands